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Group Work Process Update

My group for Experimental Media met again last week, to discuss our upcoming experimental media project. We were able to come up with a more solid structure for the film. We each knew what interests we wanted to bring to the project individually; however one of the problems there is that with having so many varied interests, we really needed to find a way to put them all together to create a coherent piece. We had also reflected on the process, and chatted about how it may be a bit backwards - finding elements that we want to use first, and then justify it with a theory after. Typically I feel like this isn't how it is done, or at least how my process works. Most of the time I would begin with a statement or a question that would be posed through the work. I might find a topic interesting, or I may aim to flesh out a subject that I believe should be explored deeper. From there I would then choose the style that would best fit my topic. When working in a group, with such varied interests, it was much easier to come in with a toolbox full of equipment (i.e. - Olivia and I wanted to incorporate lights, Ming Wei wanted to address mood, etc.) and then say, "Okay, what can we make out of these 4-5 elements?" That guaranteed that everyone had something that they valued represented in the project. From there we began thinking of pieces that we have seen before that might demonstrate perhaps the technical aspect of what we were going for, or maybe a piece that conveyed the same type of style. We found one on YouTube that was a good jumping off point: ( "The Most Unsatisfying Video in the World ever made" posted by user Luksan Wunder). We did not want to do the exact same type of video, but something similar to address the idea of satisfaction. In incorporating the other elements, we chose to show 3 different "events", each with: 1.) Neutral lighting and atmospheric sounds 2.) Unpleasant lighting with disturbing sounds 3.) Pleasant lighting with pleasant sounds 4.) A mix of pleasant/unpleasant lighting and sounds Throughout the brainstorming process we kept going back to the notes given to us in class, and trying to stay aware of speaking to a "purpose". What we agreed on in the end, was that we really wanted to use the piece to examine visceral reactions to what we see and hear, and why it is that we have the reactions that what do. What about these sounds or lights feel pleasant and calming? What makes them feel disorienting or uncomfortable? Can we explain and pinpoint exactly what about it we find palatable or unpalatable? The group arranged a day next week to meet to begin filming.

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