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Established in the summer of 2019, Dawning Film Productions

is a fledgling business of owner Megan MacDonald. After graduating from the

University of Glasgow, Scotland, with her Master of Science degree

in Filmmaking & Media Arts, she wanted to follow her passion for filmmaking - whether it be independent films by local artists, wedding videography, or commercial shoots.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Dawning Film Productions is to create and support a network of local filmmakers, and to become a more visible resource for local visual artists, in Northern New York. We are passionate about increasing visibility of performers/filmmakers with disabilities, to encourage diversity within the film community, and to provide opportunities to local artists - particularly those of varying races, genders, sexual identity, and ability, as the leading production crew. Our main goal is to create films and tell stories of those that are often under/misrepresented, and to make their work known both locally and internationally using online platforms, film festivals, and independent distribution.

Aside from film production, Dawning Film Productions also offers high-quality wedding, commercial, and event videography services. 

For more information, please visit our website. 


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