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Short Films

Murray Triumphs Poster Full.png

  A day in the life of down-on-his luck office manager, Arthur Murray. With some strong encouragement from a         self-help C.D., Murray takes a stand against the office bully and goes from underdog to Top Dog... sort of.

Murray Triumphs!  is currently screening nationwide and is available for

festival submission via FilmFreeway

The film has received grant funding through the

St. Lawrence County Arts Council and New York State Council on the Arts,

and is available for viewing on Vimeo and YouTube by request.

Imposter syndrome wreaks havoc on Kate, a young postgraduate student. Resentful about the expectations of academia, and the pressure to uphold an image, her reckless actions lead her to the discovery that this feeling is not singular.

Eve, still reeling from her father's death, navigates grief. When approached by Josiah, a young Jehovah's Witness missionary, they struggle to find common ground but stumble upon a much more extraordinary comfort.

James and Sal have different ideas about what their future will hold... if there is a future for them at all. Blindsided by an ultimatum, Sal is left reeling. James has two conflicting desires, and now fears ending up with both. 


Play still.jpg

In 2010, a young woman travels abroad to research Scotland's Theatre history. She meets three women who have faced systemic sexism and censorship to tell their stories on stage. It Destroys Itself  examines women's role in Theatre, expectations of women's role in society, and the act of destroying ourselves to save others.

Based on interviews with Scottish Theatre
Practitioners Elizabeth MacLennan, Sue Glover, and Katy Gardiner, this one-act play exists in two timelines, and peels back the layers of society to reveal truth -

modernity does not always mean progress.

It Destroys Itself is currently being developed for the stage with Dawning Film Productions,

with archival assistance from the National Library of Scotland. It is currently available for commission.

It is slated for workshopping in the summer of 2022.

Scripts samples are available upon request.
Please contact for prices and availability.

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