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"Create A Pitch or Project" - Week 2

We were broken up into groups and given the task of creating a pitch for, or rough example of an experimental media/video piece. We had the freedom to choose to present an idea for a piece, to present an idea for an installation, to create a piece ourselves, etc. Our group exchanged contact info and began by stating some artists that we liked from the first half of the lecture. It was unanimous that the more abstract pieces weren't really our cup of tea. We began discussing what parts we enjoyed of the pieces we did like. One of the group members mentioned the use of lighting and how she really enjoyed the use of blues, pinks, and purples, and how they really enjoyed that in film. Another group member showed images of a concept they had using the idea of an object in relation to it's environment. Another group member mentioned documenting one act, such as the act of eating, every day, over a set period of time. As we were throwing out ideas, we were struggling a bit to bring them all into one central concept. I would say this was a challenge, since we all came from different backgrounds, and had different interests. Towards the end of the class, we decided to think of one central concept, just as Stan Brakhage did with his exploration of larger concepts, such as birth, death, sexuality, and the environment. We agreed upon a meeting time later this week. I'm excited to see where this goes!

Image from "Dog Star Man" by Stan Brakhage (1961-1964)

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