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As it stands, I have 4 ideas that I am trying to flesh out for my proposal. These ideas came to me in the most random of places: walking to class, while drinking coffee, reading a book. The interesting part is that I feel like I had to hurry to write them down, otherwise they would be gone, and I would never remember them again. This is reminiscent of a TEDTalk I watched a long time ago, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert and her idea of the creative "genius" (here's a link if you would like to check it out: ) So, here are the ones that I was quick enough to write down: - The Box (working title) - Narrative The idea came from the discussion in class regarding mediation vs communication. It addresses the concept of objects as mediators, then going further to question the memory of objects, or how objects invoke memory.

- Glencoe (working title) - Documentary This idea came from an article that my partner had been reading at the time. As a MacDonald, I grew up on the lore of Scotland (hence why I'm here now) and the infamous Glencoe massacre of the MacDonald clan in February 1692. The article said that archeologists believe they have found the original site of the village. From a personal and genealogical perspective, I would love to document this discovery. - Live Performance vs On-Screen Performances - Experimental Media piece During the Experimental Media class, we discussed interactive art. I find this fascinating and fun. As a performer, I love involving the audience as much as possible (that's once of the reasons I love Shakespeare!) However this concept would not be so much about audience interaction, as it would be allowing the audience to contemplate their perception of performance, when watching a scene on screen, then watching it live. How does it change what you've seen? How does the piece change when it is presented in two different ways? Do it retain the same effect, the same meaning? - A screen adaptation of the play Men Should Weep by Ena Lamont Stewart This was my original idea proposal for my entrance into the MSc in Filmmaking & Media Arts program. It is linking to my undergraduate research, and the semester abroad that I spent at the University of Glasgow. I am a sucker for period dramas and would love to "cap off" my research through creating this piece. However I'm a bit worried from a practical point of view. It is a very large undertaking, and with no budget to speak of, it may be nearly impossible... but I can't help but want to try. Now the question of choice... which one do I go with? I like to think that someday I will make all of them... but today is not that day. Do I/Should I go with the easier, simpler options - the options that require no budget and that I can do fairly independently? Or do I dust off the ol' researcher cap and delve into a world of archeology / historical accuracy? What I believe it really comes down to is, do I do what my heart wants or should I listen to my head on this one?

Source: From the Public Domain

Tristram Kenton image, featured in the Daily Mail article "Here is a Maggie everyone will love" with the caption, "Indomitable: Sharon Small as Maggie and Robert Cavanah as her husband John"

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