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Dawning Film Productions would like to thank the Lake Placid Film Festival for the opportunity to present “Collaboration and Concept: Filmmaking For Rural Communities". 


 We discussed the challenges of producing a film in a rural area. Attendees learned how to utilize local and international resources to fully develop their film: from adapting a script to fit project parameters, to utilizing local artists and funding sources, to getting the most out of their finished film through unique venues and screening opportunities. This workshop is all about thinking outside the box, using available resources, and forging your own path through film production.


This seminar was one of many great educational seminars at the 2022 Lake Placid Film Festival.  Together with Morgan Elliott of Ridge 44 Productions, we fully enjoyed walking filmmakers through our process, and discussing how to make good use of a rural landscape.

Be sure to keep an eye on their line-up for next year, as it is already promising to be even better than the last!

Dawning Film Productions at the Lake Placid Film Festival

In Production


Written & Directed by
Megan MacDonald

How, in the search for wisdom, do we come to discover ourselves? In a time when we so readily hold the mirror of other people's lives up to our own, we risk never finding our own authenticity.

But, in rare moments, we find a person that acts as a guiding maternal force. Instead of seeing our failings, we see only our possibilities. 

In this short documentary film, we explore the relationship between Megan MacDonald (director) and her beloved mentor, Kimberley Bouchard. They reflect on the rich connection they have shared over decades and continents - and the inimitable bond that forms between wisdom-seekers and storytellers.

Currently in pre-production.
Filming will take place on location in Northern New York. 
Release date: Fall 2022


Gently As We Go

Gently website pic 02.png

Written  by
Damon Falke

Directed by
Megan MacDonald

Gently as We Go is the story of two young people facing the uncertainties of a young romance. After a day spent hiking, Sam Hardy and Natalie Mara return late to Natalie’s home for the first time in their relationship. Recognizing the possibility of intimacy, Sam and Natalie talk about their day spent in a remote landscape and hint at what might come next. While one of them is reaching, the other is letting go. Between them is the grace of a world that has already touched them. 


Gently as We Go is the premier production between director Megan MacDonald and writer Damon Falke. It is also the initial installment of a trilogy of short films that follow moments in the life of Sam Hardy, as he tries to reclaim those places and people whom he has lost.   

Currently in pre-production.
Filming will take place on location in Northern New York.
Release date: Winter 2022

Past Productions

Murray Triumphs! (2021)


Leaden Hearts (2019)